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May 14, 2009


Bob schmidt

Courtenay, I enjoyed your exciting account of what was certainly an excellent birding adventure. I certainly want to go to Texas during spring migration sometime. I am particularly envious that you got to see the Green Jays as I really like the Corvids, for there raucous and renegade antics and hooligan veneer. I also miss the variety of warblers in the eastern US as we are lucky to get more than 3 or 4 on a good day in Washington state. Finally bird migrations are certainly a spectacle in their own right. I was thinking it would have been good to have you along this weekend when Peter Carr and I observed Red Knots and other shorebirds on their stopover on the Washington coast. Hopefully we will get out birding again soon.

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Wow! some of these birds can also be seen in the philippines i think.


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Bird watching is of my hobbies when I am not to busy with work.

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The one thing I love about birds is that they have different colors and sizes.

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I really like looking at the bird in the main photo because its colorful and has lots of feathers in it.


I have lots of birds at home because I like to study about them.

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