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August 06, 2008


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I have the same feeling as you, so good. however, if you add some explanation below the pictures, it's better.


Boa is one of the heaviest snake.
I like this picture.
Thanks for sharing this awesome picture.
Keep posting....

... Mark

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Spin exchange quenching of molecular species containing antimatter may lead to stable Bose-Einstein condensates of materials like Dipositronium, making possible stored energy densities vastly higher than today's, and coherent emission at wavelengths short enough to image -- and 'optically' pump-- nuclear quantum states, yielding advances comparable to those stemming from the discovery of x-rays or nuclear magnetic resonance

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Agree with your point of view

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Ohhh my! Im scared of those creatures.

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I will be supriced because I have a snake phobia. Probably If I would found something like this. I will run away.


ummm I am so scared about this animals I do no like it, great picture !

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