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September 13, 2007



be sure to come back to Guyana and bring another boatload of friends...nice pictures so hold the videos ;-)

Renata Chuck-A-Sang

Hi Courtenay:

I am now reading this. Thanks for the write-up. We look forward to having you back to Guyana for more adventures. I love the images you have. I can't wait to see the videos. Next time we will take you guys down south so you can see our wide open spaces backdropped by our mountain ranges.

Best regards to the TTITOA gand from all of us at THAG

Mark McCall

I know it's been almost a year now since we hosted you and your fellow members in Guyana on a mini FAM trip, but I am now reading for the first time the blog you posted along with the pics and I couldn't have said it better even though I live here and see it everyday. THANK YOU. I wanted to say I had endless fun on the FAM trip you all hosted in return and will definitely be coming back to POS with a group soon.

LouAnna MaCool


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I know it's been almost a year now since we hosted you and your fellow members in Guyana on a mini FAM trip.

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Great another adventure blog, I wonder what destination we will be reading about this time.

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Never been to the place but given the chance I would definitely go there.

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I have been to a lot of nice place, each with its own specific landmarks.

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What an amazing pics, looks fabulous, but If this is about ships trips I prefer to visit Guyana and practice rafting there, 'cause a friend of mine told me that there is an amazing place for that.


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I figure out it should be a terrific adventure specially seeing that amazing downfall, I'd take a lot of photos there.

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