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I am Courtenay Rooks an adventurer and naturalist born and raised in Trinidad and Tobago, my family comes from various European, African and Amerindian backgrounds and have been here many generations, so I am a Trinbagonian.

Trinidad and Tobago is a twin island nation and is the Caribbean's most southerly country being just 7 miles from Venezuela. The islands separated from South America after the last ice age probably about 12,000 years ago and geologically we are a part of South America. However we are Caribbean in history as our human history starts with First Nations being Amerindians from Peru through Colombia and Venezuela, then we have Spanish, English and French as our main European influences, along with Africans who came as slaves, Indians who came as Indentured servants along with Chinese, Portuguese, Syrians, Lebanese, Austrians, Germans, and much more. We are a very plural society where all religions and races get along well, intermarry and intermingle.

We invented the steel drum and calypso and have a spectacular Carnival each year that we call the greatest show on earth, which I think is a defendable boast.

So we have South American wilderness and adventures with Caribbean charm and character. Perfect for ecotourism! So since 1993 I have been operating eco adventure tours of birding, natural history, mountain biking, hiking, kayaking, caving, and snorkeling with strong cultural and conservation influences. The business is called Paria Springs Eco-Community, which has 7 investors who are friends and we are currently creating a jungle camp in Brasso Seco, Paria where we own 47 acres of abandoned cocoa and coffee estate adjacent to virgin rainforest. We operate fixed departure and create your own package tours for anyone from anywhere.

This blog will cover our weekly adventures and misadventures as we go through the fantastic natural areas of Trinidad and Tobago.


Surfing, Mountain biking, Birding, Hiking, Ocean and Surf Kayaking, Adventure Racing, Natural History, conservation and Ecology, basically any outdoor adventure.